Boost service levels, reduce service costs

The Customer Service Portal (CSP) allows Richmond ServiceDesk customers to deliver highly effective, automated IT support. Customers using the Customer Service Portal can log tickets, check the status of incidents and follow-up their queries with the service desk. They can also gain 24/7 access to support articles and documentation.  In turn, service desks see a reduction in incident volumes, helping them to reduce costs and provide more value by helping customers with more complex and strategic technical issues.

The end result? An improved customer experience, and a reduction in costs for service desks: the Customer Service Portal is the perfect compliment to Richmond ServiceDesk.



Beautiful interface, beautifully simple

Your customers will love using Customer Service Portal.  It is blazingly fast, intuitive, and mobile-friendly, allowing your customers to find exactly what they need within a few taps or clicks.  Customers can also log their own tickets, check the status of fixes and discover the latest documentation and support info, from any device or PC.  This ease of accessing crucial IT support information is what makes the Customer Service Portal within Richmond ServiceDesk the perfect way for your organisations to reap the benefits of self-service.

Self-service – with no coding required

Adding knowledge and IT support documentation to the Customer Service Portal is simple.  Thanks to the drag and drop Customer Service Workflow functionality, service providers can add/remove and edit content in minutes.  A visual map of the customer journey means that service managers can track, predict and alter the path customers follow through the portal.  Added together, the end result is a self-service portal that is simple to build and manage, and immensely valuable.


See customer service portal in action

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