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How to fix self-service

The benefits of self-service for customer support are huge, but service desks haven’t taken full advantage.  Here’s how to fix self-service.

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Lack of substance turns buyers against ‘servicedesk-lite’ tools

Visitors to this year’s Service Desk & IT Support Show (SITS16) have taken a back-to-basics stance, stating that rock-solid asset management, self-service and reporting, are now their most important considerations when buying software. 

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What does the 10% decline in PC sales mean for service desks?

Competition from mobiles and tablets, plus longer refresh periods have contributed to PC sales falling more than 10% last year according to figures from IDC.  This is the largest single erosion of PC sales, indicating that the trend is not just permanent, but becoming more acute.

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Is IT getting faster and can your service desk keep up?

More than half of enterprises will be moving to Windows 10 within the next 12 months according to predictions by Gartner, with the analyst stating this will be the fastest Windows upgrade yet.

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Doing The Knowledge

With information sharing so much a part of everyday life, why do so many IT people regard knowledge management as being problematic?

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Downingtown Area School District case study

Learn how Downington Area School District has created IT order across 16 schools with the help of Richmond ServiceDesk.

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5 signs you need new service desk software

You may think that your service desk is perfectly adequate, but if you experience any of the following scenarios, it may be time for an upgrade.

Burning money

The billion dollar IT support failure

Businesses are wasting $6.8 billion every year because of poor application support and management according to figures from HCL.

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Should service desks go back-to-basics?

There’s often a noticeable discrepancy between what commentators, publications and industry events think service desks care about, what the real challenges are.  Eric Wright, managing director of Richmond Systems explains.

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Can consumer IT really solve our business technology challenges?

Subscription-based, consumer-style IT is presented as the future of business technology, but some recent research presents a very different view.  Eric Wright, managing director of Richmond Systems argues that we must think beyond the trends to solve business IT challenges.