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IT leaders blindsided by disruptive technologies

Small, nimble tech companies are continuing to undermine global incumbents despite growing understanding of the potential threat from disruptive technologies.

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Three steps to surviving Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a reality - how can corporate technology teams remain relevant? 

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Why efficient IT is more important than the latest fad

It may be a well-worn message, but efficient IT is still crucial to organisations - despite hype trying to convince us otherwise.

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Council heads believe tech can save them from IT budget cuts

UK local government leaders think that technology is their best defence against IT budget cuts according to a report by Unit4.

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CIOs ordered to fix business technology problems, not talk jargon

Business leaders understand the potential of technology, but are tired of being fed technical jargon as a replacement for any real substance according to a report by Eduserv.

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Service desks must deliver value as tech spending slumps

Research from Gartner shows that global IT spending will decline 3.5 per cent in 2015, with even emerging economies putting the breaks on outlay.  There will however be an opportunity to buck the spending decline for those service desks and IT providers which can demonstrate value. 

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BOM increases revenues 40% working with Richmond ServiceDesk – case study

Project background
For 50 years, Bristol-based BOM IT Solutions has delivered, integrated, and supported business technology for its customers. With an ethos of “quality first, customer foremost”, BOM prides itself in helping business maximise their IT investment, ensuring that technology is constantly available and delivering value at all times.

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How many clicks does it take to close an IT support incident?

This statement may sound like a joke, but the punchline is no laughing matter for IT support.  Eric Wright of Richmond Systems says we’re missing the obvious when trying to improve service desk efficiency.

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Do service desks need a PR makeover?

While the call to avoid using the term “IT” altogether may be too extreme, the notion of technology teams distancing themselves from its sometimes unresponsive and inflexible past is an important consideration for service desks and IT support teams. 

Get over it.

Drop “IT” to gain respect from the business

Public sector IT leaders must talk about business benefits - not IT - if they are to gain support from beyond the technology department.